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High-Lite Rides

The man behind the design...

High-Lite Rides, Inc. was established in 1996 by owner and president, Michael O. Howard.


Michael was born in Greer, South Carolina in December of 1958. He started working as a farm hand when he was just a young boy and eventually started driving semi-trucks from state to state delivering goods. Along the way, Michael was introduced to the amusement ride industry in which he seen great potential for his ideas to grow.


Michael eventually landed a job sanding fiberglass at Venture Rides MFG. Within only a matter of years, Michael had worked his way up to the position of Plant Foreman of Venture Rides MFG. After some time Michael decided to leave Venture Rides MFG. and start his own Company, and thus High-Lite Rides, Inc. was born.


Despite the fact that it is family owned and operated, High-Lite Rides, Inc. is now one of the biggest ride manufacturing plants on the East Coast. Michael has over 33 years of experience and his rides are all over the world in almost every state in the U.S. and also in places such as Israel, Australia, and Japan.


Here at High-Lite Rides, Inc. we pride ourselves in using the best materials for stability and safety on all of our rides. Our rides also meet inspector standards due to Michael’s previous spot on the Board of Inspections for Amusement Rides.


We specialize in fabrication and construction of new rides as well as repairs and 10 Year Overhauls. We also supply parts for rides as well as replace ride manuals for our ride models. We hope to be your number one supplier in all of your amusement ride and carnival needs!


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