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Spinning Rides


Our Spinning Rides are all designed and fabricated with structural steel tub and plate for stability and safety. You can choose your preferred color scheme along with the choice of turbo or LED lights when customizing the order of your new ride. All Spinning Rides come with aluminum fencing and entrance/exit gates for crowd control. Family members will be taken away by the thrill and excitement of these rides! **These rides do have a height requirement of a least 42 inches to ride due to safety regulations.**


Our Spinner is a 6 tub Spinning Ride. Tubs are fabricated from fiberglass and attached to sweeps by structural steel tubing and plate. This ride is powered by an electric-hydraulic drive for smooth, easy operation. The Spinner comes with a ladder and electric hoist for easy setup. All 6 tubs remain attached during setup and tear down which greatly reduces time for setup and tear down as well as reduces maintenance costs. To inquire about this ride, please contact us!

Starting at $69,900 Without LED lights

Starting at $75,900 With LED lights

Scat II

Our Scat II is a 20 passenger dual tub Spinning Ride with extraordinary movement! Consisting of a 35 foot trailer, rotating arm and 2 tubs. Each tub spins while being slung on the end of a 21 foot arm which rises and falls on each revolution, which is perfect for the thrill-seekers at the carnival! The arm is angled 30 degrees for rapid up and down movement. This arm and each tub is powered separately by variable torque inverter drives for smooth, easy operation. Arch lighting on each tub provides an exciting night experience that can be seen from ½ a mile away! Operator station is located at the front entrance to provide control and safety by one operator. To inquire about this ride, please contact us!

Starting at $325,000

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